Raw Bar

oc Crow’s proudly serves fresh oysters flown in from across North America. Our selection continuously rotates, picking from a variety of seasonal oysters.

There are 5 main species of oysters available in North America: Kumamoto, Pacific, Atlantic, Olympia and European flat oysters. These 5 species produce over 150 different varieties originating from California, East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Northwest.

Each region imparts nuances in flavor and size with factors like water temperature, salinity and the oyster’s diet. The cold waters surrounding Prince Edward Island (PEI) in Eastern Canada, for example, generally produce a firmer, saltier oyster compared to the warmer waters of a gulf coast oyster.

We’ve taken the time to hand-pick our selection of oysters for the raw bar and we think you’ll notice the difference. Come on in today and see what we’re shucking.

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Photography by Sarah Katherine Davis